• Modern Islamic Architecture Design.

  • Beautiful elevation and Hi-Tech earthquake-proof structure.

  • Central air conditioning/heating and hot/cold water. 675 Tons direct fired absorption chiller (Broad) Dual fuel
    as and Diesel, with heat recovery and jacket water. Model No.  BZHE 200 IX , Serial No. 05125391.

  • Besides WAPDA self electric generation system.

  • VOIP/ broadband, 3-D Sound system, connectivity through Ethernet/Lan cable.

  • High speed Internet from 64 kb/s up to 10MB/s, Video conferencing.

  • Mitsubishi Lifts Escalators for Shopping and offices floors.

  • Ample parking space.
  • Fire fighting system, fire alarm system and  Smoke detectors on all floors.

  • Public address systems.

  • Energy saving devices.

  • Motion detectors

  • Short circuit detection sensors throughout the building linked to central computer.

  • Fool proof security system, surveillance cameras with one month recording on all 
    cameras and alarm system.

  • Security guards on duty 24 hours on all floors and around the building.

  • Circuit breakers are installed on all electrical devices.
    Wide corridors with false ceiling and imported porcelain tiles (RAK).

  • Comprehensive firefighting arrangements have been made on all floors of the building.

  • Maximum total power requirement is 1200KVA WAPDA and Standby power generation system. 
    Two Caterpillar Gas Generators, already installed, capacity 630 KVA and 475 KVA and 200 KVA
    with heat recovery.

  • Underground water tank 25,000 Gallons and overhead tank of 12,500 gallons.

  • Standby pumps, motors and equipment for all building systems.